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Sunday, June 25, 2017  Welcome to MDI

Space Invaders®

The invaders are back!
The 1978 launch of Space Invaders marked the beginning of the video game craze that continues to this day.  The game was based on carnival shooting galleries, with a lone defender facing off against an advancing horde of aliens.  When it was introduced, the game was so popular Japan faced a 100-yen coin shortage until the government quadrupled the supply. In 1980, it became the first arcade game licensed by Atari for use with its 2600 game system, and helped to more than double Atari’s operating income.  Since then, Space Invaders has continued to delight new generations of video game fans. 
The distinctive graphic style of the alien aggressors and the game’s bold color scheme makes for an attractive ticket.  The perfect Grand Prize is a full-size arcade game console, and second chance merchandise prize packs could include home gaming systems and Space Invaders-themed apparel.
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