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Pictionary, playfully known as "The Original Game of Quick Draw," has earned it's place as a favorite among the party game scene. It's like Charades. But you draw instead of act, to get teammates to utter words from five main categories: People/Place/Animal; Object; Action; Difficult; and All Play. One very tricky catch that gets players hung up time after time... You can't use any numbers, letters or symbols in your sketches! It's harder than it seems. Many mistakenly believe that one has to be a decent artist to be good at Pictionary. Not true. The real key is having a team of guessers with good imaginations and the ability to stand tough under the pressure of the unstoppable sand-timer - even more importantly, picturists must not crack under the race against opponents in the exhilarating "All Play" round, in which two picturists sketch the same word. The team that guesses the word first wins the right to advance along the board's colored squares. You win the game by reaching the last square and answering the final word correctly. The time crunch and the idea of stretching people outside their comfort zones are what make Pictionary so much fun. When a sketch gone awry prompts off-the-walll answers, or when the sand is down to the last few grains, the picturist is at a total loss, and his teammates are shouting, "Draw SOMETHING!" then you know Pictionary has done its job. Imagine the fun when you bring these laughs and challenges to your instant lottery ticket.
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