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It can be said that enjoying chocolate is a lot like playing lottery games. Delighting in a little endorphin-boosting treat provides a welcome break in the day – a brief opportunity to focus on nothing but gratification. Simple yet satisfying, chocolate – like lottery games – is regarded by many as a small luxury worth indulging in on a regular basis.

Why not capitalize on this correlation with an instant game featuring brands from one of the biggest names in chocolate – Nestlé? Create a tempting scenes game featuring several of these brands, or just showcase one for a deliciously fun ticket your players will eat up again and again. Looking to make your game even more enticing? Print it on chocolate scented paper, for a delectable sensory experience that makes scratching even more rewarding than ever before.

Available brands:
100 Grand Bar®
Baby Ruth®
Goobers® Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Nips® Candy
Oh Henry!® Bar
Sno-Caps® Sweet Chocolate

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